Accelerating growth

People, behaviors and culture

The EY 7 Drivers of Growth

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Any organization is only ever as good as the people working for it. To win the war for talent, leading businesses build an environment that values diversity and attracts and retains the right people to help grow their businesses — not just great people, but people who share the company’s vision and fit its culture.

Leading businesses provide strong leadership and create an inclusive environment where differences are valued and people can innovate to drive the business forward. On top of this they invest in their employees, nurturing their talent and helping them develop skills to match the demands of the business during each different growth phase.

People are the heart of any organization

EY - People are the heart of any organization


Leading CEO’s share how they create high-performing teams and retain talent as their business grows.

Watch change, or drive change?

EY - Watch change, or drive change?


Jennifer Riria, CEO of Kenya Women Holding Group, sees challenge as a powerful springboard into innovation.