Looking beyond the obvious

Globalization and new opportunities for growth

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Is your company playing it safe? In today’s complex, globalized world, that’s not unusual.

Most companies are sticking to obvious locations for investment and refusing to take risks in an uncertain environment. But it’s also risky to stand still while competitors race by.

A fresh look at globalization

Globalization isn’t what it used to be. The cross-border integration of business continues, but it’s slowing. The BRIC countries (Brazil, Russia, India and China) are no longer the non-stop growth engines they once were. Companies need to look beyond the obvious choices and explore dynamic and different investment destinations, such as rapid-growth markets other than the BRICs.

And they need to take a fresh look at developed economies, which are shaking off years of stagnation and beginning to offer exciting pockets of opportunity.

Playing it safe is the old-fashioned way to navigate the world. By contrast, the leading global companies of the future will make bold and unconventional choices. We can help.

What we offer

We’ve always recognized globalization as one of the defining business issues of our time. Here we offer a variety of unique perspectives on the issue.

  • You’ll learn hard facts from our extensive research on globalization
  • You’ll hear insights from top business leaders
  • You’ll read case studies of how innovative companies have turned challenges into opportunities to succeed in a difficult global environment

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