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Managing indirect tax data for insight and control

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Dealing with data is the key to effective indirect tax management.

VAT, GST, sales tax, customs and excise duties are levied on imports, product movements, sales and manufacturing activity. They require large amounts of transactional data to be reported accurately and on time.

Meeting the varying demands of multiple jurisdictions and managing the sheer quantity of relevant data presents a range of logistical challenges. Tax, trade and finance departments in multinational companies all have to collect, report and archive large quantities of complex transactional data. Accurate data and the ability to examine it have never been more important.

Join our panel of professionals as we:

  • Outline leading data management approaches and technology tools to help companies analyze indirect tax data more effectively, drive value and achieve strategic goals
  • Analyze why this issue is “front of mind” for today’s global companies
  • Demonstrate how technology can offer more visibility of indirect tax positions
  • Suggest effective strategies to manage indirect taxes and associated costs more effectively