EY - TCPI: Tax Policy in the US and Abroad After the 2016 Elections

EY Tax Webcast

At a Crossroad: Tax Policy in the US and Abroad After the 2016 Elections

A Tax Council Policy Institute Program Presented by Ernst & Young LLP

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The Tax Council Policy Institute cordially invites you to join a live, interactive webcast examining the global tax policy landscape.

The recent US election results mean that US tax reform is a real possibility in 2017, which will likely have implications for trade, treaties, and global relations. In addition, over the past few years, jurisdictions around the globe are converging around transparency and information sharing, with many taking steps to adopt the Organization for Co-Operation and Development’s Base Erosion and Profit Shifting (OECD BEPS) recommendations. At the same time, many countries are adopting their own revenue-increasing measures, some of which diverge from the BEPS recommendations. This panel will discuss how these elements are coming together to shape broader global tax policy – and what this shifting landscape may mean for companies.

This webcast is an introduction to the 18th Annual Tax Policy & Practice Symposium, “Tax Policy in Transition: Diverging Views in a Converging World,” February 16-17, 2017, The Ritz-Carlton Hotel, Washington, DC. Visit www.tcpi.org for more information and to register.