EY - US tax reform: consumer products and retail sector

EY Consumer Products and Retail Webcast

US tax reform: consumer products and retail sector

Impacts and next steps

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This Thought Center Webcast has been canceled until further legislative or administration activity develops.

The incoming Trump administration and the new Congress have prioritized tax reform, and all indications suggest the US may soon enact the most significant tax changes in decades. Current proposals would drastically reduce corporate and individual tax rates, change the expensing of capital assets, move US international taxation to a territorial system and significantly alter the international trade landscape.

The leading proposal, the House Blueprint for Tax Reform, would have a significant impact on companies in the Consumer Products and Retail sectors. This webcast will help taxpayers in these sectors understand the proposal, analyze its impact, educate their management and Congressional representatives and prepare for whatever changes occur.

Please join our panel as we discuss the potential implications of tax reform. Topics include:

  • Construct of corporate tax reform
  • International tax reform including future and accumulated foreign earnings
  • Destination-basis tax system and border adjustments
  • Preparing for reduced corporate tax rates and other changes