EY - Intelligent tax automation using robotics software

EY Tax Performance Advisory webcast

EY Intelligent Tax Automation using robotics software

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As futuristic as "robotics" sound, tax professionals are starting to use this technology today.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) software is being used in a variety of finance and now tax processes. It is both inexpensive and leverages the existing infrastructure, essentially navigating between software programs as if the professional was at the keyboard.

The most exciting thing for a tax professional is that it targets some of the most manual tasks for automation like pulling reports, reformatting spreadsheets and distributing results. Looked at another way, it is taking the robot out of the human.

Join our EY panel as they identify:

  • How processes are automated
  • The selection of which processes should be first on the list for prioritization and describe the end-user experience.
  • Example processes using Intelligent Tax Automation and explain why RPA shouldn't be the only tool in your toolbox.

For a preview of Intelligent Tax Automation concepts, visit the EY Tax Executive Center at www.ey.com/TEC and view the example video.


EY - Emma Spektor

Emma Spektor


Emma Spektor is a Senior Manager in the National Tax Technology and Data Analytics Services group of Ernst & Young LLP. This group provides an array of custom tax and tax technology services designed to improve the management and analysis of tax data.

Prior to joining EY, Emma had 7 years of business and information technology consulting experience, specifically in system implementations for public sector tax and revenue organizations. At EY, Emma has over 5 years of experience in providing custom tax technology and process services for investment banks, private equity, real estate, mutual funds and hedge funds, helping them improve their tax compliance process. Emma focuses on business process modeling and reengineering, requirements definition, testing, project management, and training. Currently, Emma serves as EY Americas Tax Robotics Process Automation (RPA) leader for external services. She is also responsible for coordinating TTDAS involvement in Ernst & Young LLP tax practice RPA implementations. Outside of RPA, Emma is familiar with various tools and programs used in the practice including MS Office, Partner Forms (replacement to the K-1 Suite), and GoSystem.

Emma attended the University of Virginia (UVA) where she earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Systems Engineering. Emma is an instructor for a variety of EY sponsored partnership tax technology classes and is a Project Management Professional (PMP).

EY - Kimberly Deeb

Kimberly Deeb


Kimberly Deeb is a Senior Manager in the Tax Performance Advisory group, with a focus on evaluating tax function efficiency and operating effectiveness, as well as effective tax risk management. She works to align corporate tax risk strategies with overall business strategy objectives. She provides an array of tax function consulting services to improve the operating performance of corporate tax departments, including tax function assessments, document management and record retention, tax function merger integration, organizational design, change management and project management services. Kim also has extensive experience in federal tax accounting matters, including capitalization and general accounting methods.

Kimberly has more than 15 years of tax consulting experience for large global corporations. Her experience includes managing projects with stakeholders across tax, finance, accounting and information technology. She has worked with clients to assess their current tax operating environment, redesign tax processes, organize roles/responsibilities, remediate internal control deficiencies and implement tax technology tools.

Kim has worked with a number of Fortune 500 and mid-market multinational companies in the manufacturing, retail, financial services and health care industries

EY - Carolee M. Clarke-Reid

Carolee M. Clarke-Reid

Johnson & Johnson

Carolee M. Clarke-Reid is a Director of Indirect Taxes at Johnson & Johnson’s (J&J) U.S. Tax Operations, Titusville, NJ.  Since joining Johnson & Johnson in 2006, Carolee served in various Tax Department positions and led various initiatives including implementing a U.S. Indirect Tax Scorecard to develop new insights that improve on quality metrics, championed a transformational robotics process automation initiative, experimented with predictive analytics and machine learning and co-leading the development of the J&J Global Tax Competency model.  Carolee was also nominated for J&J's 2016 Working Mother of the Year Award.

Before joining J&J, Carolee was a field auditor for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania’s Department of Revenue, Bureau of Audits.  She has her undergraduate degree in Accounting from Saint Francis University (PA), a Masters in Taxation & Financial Planning from Widener University, a Masters in Strategic & Organizational Leadership from Neumann University and is certified in Lean Six Sigma. 


EY - Gary Paice

Gary Paice


Gary Paice is the Global and Americas Director of Tax Performance Advisory (TPA) and Partner of Ernst & Young LLP. He provides services that focus on raising the value and quality of tax data in financial systems, increasing efficiencies through tax-related technology, engineering effective and controlled processes and creating responsive operating models. Additionally, he leads assessments of global companies, identifying strategy and best-in-class approaches to improve overall performance.

Gary brings more than 30 years of experience working with companies to address people, process and technology issues within their corporate tax department. Gary is a licensed CPA in Illinois, and earned his Bachelor of Business in Accountancy from Western Illinois University, and his M.B.A. from the University of Chicago.