EY - Regenerating this generation’s view of oil and gas

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Regenerating this generation’s view of oil and gas

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A cultural shift is under way that will make it increasingly difficult for oil and gas companies to attract and retain knowledgeable, highly skilled workers – undermining their ability to succeed in a rapidly changing world. Will young people’s perceptions of the industry lead them to look elsewhere for career opportunities?

EY conducted an extensive survey that provides an in-depth look at how Americans view oil and gas, and the companies that produce them. We sought to identify if there is a chasm between the public and the industry, or if there is common ground oil and gas companies can build upon to increase consumer acceptance and appreciation.

We surveyed people of all ages, including 16 to 18 year-old members of Generation Z and asked many of the same questions to oil and gas executives.

Join us as a panel of industry professionals discuss key insights from the survey.


  • Deborah Byers, EY US Oil & Gas Leader, Ernst & Young LLP
  • Rachel Everaard, Principal, People Advisory Services, Ernst & Young LLP
  • Bill Hale, Principal, Advisory-Performance Improvement, Ernst & Young LLP



  • George Brooks, Americas People Advisory Services Leader, Ernst & Young LLP