EY - Navigating in a post-BEPS world, Part 6: the future tax landscape after the signing of the multilateral instrument

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Navigating in a post-BEPS world, Part 6: the future tax landscape after the signing of the multilateral instrument

Session 6 of 6 part series: “Navigating in a post-BEPS world”

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Join us as we host a six part webcast series, “Navigating in a post-BEPS world”. These sessions will provide a comprehensive review of BEPS related developments and associated country action, together with practical implications.

The OECD BEPS project has rapidly moved to the implementation phase, leaving a fundamentally changed landscape in its wake. This new environment requires businesses to re-evaluate their operational, financing and holding structures, identify communications strategies and assess their tax strategy, all with the aim of developing a sustainable tax framework.

In our sixth and final webcast, we will look at a current development that will have a great impact on the shape and content of the international tax environment of the future. Join our senior tax professionals as they discuss the expected contours of the tax treaty landscape following the much anticipated signing of the multilateral instrument in early June.

In combination the set of 6 webcasts has shown us the breadth of the issues to deal with in a post-BEPS world, where major changes are taking place on all levels relevant for international taxation: treaties, domestic legislation and tax administration.

The complete series and topics are set out below.

  • Navigating in a post-BEPS world, Part 1: latest tax policy developments (Watch on-demand) – January 25, 2017, 10 a.m. EDT
  • Navigating in a post-BEPS world, Part 2: the effectiveness of the Mutual Agreement Procedure (MAP) process (Watch on-demand) – February 16, 2017, 10 a.m. EDT
  • Navigating in a post-BEPS world, Part 3: the multilateral instrument impact on the implementation of treaty-related BEPS measures (Watch on-demand) – March 22, 2017, 10 a.m. EST
  • Navigating in a post-BEPS world, Part 4: permanent establishments in a post-BEPS world (Watch on-demand) – April 20, 2017, 10 a.m. EST
  • Navigating in a post-BEPS world, Part 5: hybrid mismatches, interest deductibility and other coherence measures (Watch on-demand)  – May 18, 2017, 10 a.m. EST
  • Navigating in a post-BEPS world, Part 6: the future tax landscape after the signing of the multilateral instrument – (register above) - June 22, 2017, 10 a.m. EST

On-demand replays of webcasts will normally be available within 48 hours of original webcast.

We are pleased to have the following senior tax professionals as presenters for this sixth webcast:


EY - Jose Antonio (Jano) Bustos

Jose Antonio (Jano) Bustos

EY BEPS Global Tax Desk

Jose Antonio (Jano) Bustos is a member of Ernst & Young LLP’s International Tax Services Practice and the EY Global Tax Desk Network, based in New York. Jano has over 16 years of International Tax and Transfer Pricing experience.

Before joining EY, Jose had different outstanding posts at the Spanish Tax Administration, such as Senior Tax Inspector of the International Taxation Central Unit of the Spanish Tax Agency and Deputy Director General for International Fiscal Affairs, dealing with international taxation and transfer pricing audits, international advance price agreements and mutual agreement procedures and the negotiation of double tax treaties.

EY - Chris Sanger

Chris Sanger

EY Global Tax Policy Leader

Chris Sanger is the EY Global Tax Policy leader, focusing EY professionals on how to engage strategically with policy makers. He is a member of the Exchequer Secretary to the Treasury’s Forum of Tax Professionals, from where he advises on the making of UK tax policy.

Chris is a Chartered Accountant (FCA), a Chartered Tax Advisor (CTA), holds a first class degree from Oxford University, and has an MBA (with distinction) from Warwick Business School.

Chris is the immediate past Chairman of the Tax Faculty of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ICAEW), Chairman of the ICAEW’s Tax Policy Committee and the Chartered Institute of Taxation’s Management of Taxes Committee and a member of the Tax Law Review Committee of the Institute of Fiscal Studies. Chris is also founding Chairman of the Tax Committee of the Alternative Investment Management Association.

Follow Chris: LinkedIn and Twitter

EY - James Badenach

James Badenach

EY FS International Tax Services Leader APAC

James Badenach is a Partner in the International Tax Services practice of Ernst & Young LLP (China) Advisory Limited, based in Hong Kong.

James focuses on International tax, transfer pricing and Hong Kong tax. Before working in Hong Kong, he worked in Australia, the UK and Latin America. His clients include a number of global financial institutions, commodity trading companies, and corporate treasury centers of multinational corporations. James advises clients on international tax and tax treaty matters.

James works closely with the EY transfer pricing teams providing international tax advice to banking and capital markets clients. In addition, James advises clients on various tax issues involved with corporate treasury centers.


EY - Marlies de Ruiter

Marlies de Ruiter

EY Global International Tax Services Policy Leader

Marlies de Ruiter recently joined EY and serves as the EY Global ITS Tax Policy Leader, based in the Netherlands. Marlies has vast experience with international tax policy, and specifically with BEPS. Under her leadership, the OECD developed seven of the fifteen actions of the BEPS Action Plan, in particular the actions on tax treaties and transfer pricing.

Marlies was appointed Head of the Tax Treaty, Transfer Pricing and Financial Transactions Division of the OECD’s Centre for Tax Policy and Administration on 1 February 2012. Before joining the OECD, Marlies gained 20 years of experience in the fields of direct taxation and international tax issues with the Dutch Ministry of Finance, first as an expert on corporate tax issues and transfer pricing, later as the Deputy Director of the International Tax Policy and Legislation Directorate. In this capacity, she led the competent authority function of the Dutch Ministry of Finance and provided leadership to the OECD’s work on tax. She also was the chairperson of Working Party 6, the Working Party responsible for (further) development of the OECD Transfer Pricing Guidelines.

Marlies, a Dutch national, is a frequent lecturer and speaker on international tax issues and holds a Masters in Fiscal Economics, obtained in 1992 from Erasmus University, Netherlands.