EY - The future of tax: evolution or revolution?

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The future of tax: Is it a case of evolution or revolution?

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For miners around the world, the impact of digital, the focus on productivity and cost reduction and the increasing pressure from stakeholders to deliver more value, is impacting all aspects of their business, including their tax function. The pace of disruption is ever-increasing and tax functions and tax professionals need to adapt. But what does the future of tax look like and to get there, is it a case of evolution or revolution?

We invite you to join our webcast where we will share a thought-provoking and perhaps a confronting outlook of what the next five years will entail for the tax function and for tax professionals.

Our world is changing, and quickly. More than ever, we as tax professionals are being asked to think and act differently. So in that landscape, how do you prepare yourself, your team and your tax function to be ready for the future?

This interactive discussion will share insights on:

  • Embracing the digital world will be pivotal to the way we comply with the multitude of reporting obligations.
  • The use of robotics and process automation, the use of data analytics to identify and deliver value and dealing with Governments accessing your data directly.
  • Bringing your Governance and Risk Framework to life to identify and manage controversy.
  • The increasing diversity of the types of people employed in the tax function.


  • Andrew van Dinter, EY Global Mining & Metals Tax Sector Leader
  • Channing Flynn, EY Global Digital Tax Leader and Global Tax Technology Sector Leader


  • Louise Higgins, EY Global Mining and Metals Strategy & Operations Leader