EY - 2018 Annual Bank Regulatory Outlook

EY Global Regulatory Network webcast

2018 Annual Bank Regulatory Outlook

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With the finalization of the Basel III regulations, regulators have drawn a line under their response to the 2007/2008 financial crisis. However, banks should not expect a "peace dividend."

In fact, pressure on banks is likely to increase, as supervisors around the world each implement their own version of global reforms, and as regulators set the rules under which banks must deal with the challenges posed by new technologies.

Further, investors are demanding that banks actually pay dividends, which will require firms to increase their return on capital.

Join our Global Regulatory Network panelists as they discuss how banks might be impacted and could respond to these regulatory trends in 2018.



EY - Dr. Thomas Huertas

Dr. Thomas Huertas

Ernst & Young LLP (UK)

Dr. Tom Huertas is partner in the Financial Services Risk group of Ernst & Young LLP based in the UK. He is also a former member of the Financial Services Authority’s Executive Committee. He also served as alternate chair of the European Banking Authority, as a member of the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision and as a member of the Resolution Steering Committee at the Financial Stability Board. Tom can be reached at +44 20 7951 2556 or by email at thuertas@uk.ey.com.

EY - Eugène Goyne

Eugène Goyne

Ernst & Young LLP (Hong Kong)

Eugène Goyne is an executive director in the risk group of Ernst & Young LLP based in Hong Kong. He has over 20 years of experience in government and regulation in Australia and Hong Kong, including senior regulatory roles. Eugène was deputy head of enforcement at the Hong Kong SFC, leading litigation and investigations in all areas of securities, futures and listed company crime and misconduct. He played key roles in the drafting of the HK securities, futures and resolution laws and has represented the Hong Kong SFC in IOSCO enforcement meetings and FSB, IMF and FATF reviews of Hong Kong. Eugène can be reached at +852 2949 9470 or by email at eugene.goyne@hk.ey.com.

EY - John Liver

John Liver

Ernst & Young LLP (UK)

John Liver is a partner in the Financial Services Group of Ernst & Young LLP based in the UK. He has held regulatory roles with leading investment banks, the UK Financial Services Authority and its predecessors. His roles include leading the thematic supervision in the investment firms division; leading the personal Investment authority supervision, where he oversaw the sales regulation of the life and pensions industry; and management roles in the investment management regulatory organization’s enforcement and supervision departments. John can be reached at +44 20 7951 0843 or by email at jliver1@uk.ey.com.

EY - Marc Saidenberg

Marc Saidenberg

Ernst & Young LLP (US)

Marc Saidenberg is a principal in Ernst & Young LLP’s Financial Services group. He was previously a senior vice president and director of supervisory policy at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, representing the bank on the Basel Committee, and served as co-chair of the committee’s working group on liquidity. He was actively involved in the development of the Basel III capital and liquidity standards, supervisory expectations for capital planning, liquidity risk management, and recovery and resolution plans. Marc can be reached at +1 212 773 9361 or by email at Marc.Saidenberg@ey.com.