EY - Non-US multinationals investing into the US

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Non-US multinationals investing into the US:

Operational and strategic considerations

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The passage of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act on 22 December 2017 represents the first major overhaul of the US federal income tax system in more than 30 years and triggers immediate and far-reaching international business and tax consequences.

Specifically, the legislation will materially impact many non-US multinationals' financial reporting, operational (e.g., supply chain and treasury) and mergers and acquisitions frameworks. Please join our panel as they discuss the relevant international tax provisions and how they may impact your business, including:

  • How group financing will be impacted
  • What tax and financial statement reporting and disclosures may be required
  • How group supply chain structures will be impacted
  • How these changes fit within the evolving global tax landscape
  • What immediate steps non-US multinationals invested in, or investing into, the US should be considering