EY - The board’s role in navigating geopolitics

EY Center for Board Matters

The board’s role in navigating geopolitics

Better Questions for Boards webcast series

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Join the EY Center for Board Matters for another episode in our webcast series, Better Questions for Boards, which is designed to provide directors with insights and questions to consider as they engage with management on a variety of complex boardroom issues.

In this episode, The board’s role in navigating geopolitics, our panelists will explore the board’s role in addressing strategic opportunities and risks stemming from geopolitical and regulatory changes. With political outcomes and the economic environment becoming harder to predict, many organizations see policy uncertainty, geopolitical tensions and changes in trade policy and protectionism as key risks. At the same time, business leaders are optimistic about the near-term US outlook.

The panel will discuss how boards and companies are addressing geopolitics at the board level and cover topics such as:

  • The board’s role in overseeing geopolitical and regulatory risks and opportunities
  • Examining the complexity of geopolitics, including current and emerging developments
  • Business and risk management implications of geopolitical and regulatory matters
  • Framework for analyzing geopolitical threats and opportunities