EY - CIOs: born to be digital

Born to be digital

How leading CIOs are preparing for a digital transformation

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A core set of digital technologies - mobile, social, the cloud and data - are transforming companies at both an operational and a strategic level. For leading CIOs, these present a major opportunity to expand their role.

The rise of digital

Digital technologies — including social media, the cloud, data analytics and mobile – are rapidly emerging as disruptive forces for businesses in all industries. They are fundamentally changing the ways in which consumers interact with companies and brands, while also opening up new business models at the heart of these firms.

EY The rise of digital

This digital transformation is moving fast. As a recent EY report — The digitisation of everything — suggests, the corporate world is seeing three core changes:

  1. Using digital to enhance traditional business models
  2. Transforming existing business models to offer new digital services
  3. Inventing completely new types of business models

The CIO divide ahead

These transformations are essential to business longevity, but they will also create profound challenges for the firms making or seeking to make them. And, given the strategic nature of the changes that a digital transformation requires, they also have major implications for CIOs.

In our previous research, we revealed that 64% of all CIOs are happy in their current roles and comfort zones. Only 31% say that they aspire to move into a more powerful job with greater influence over the rest of the business.

But for those CIOs who do have aspirations to take on a bigger role, digital can provide an opportunity. And it requires the ability to recognize and adapt to this shift.