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Securing your organization with PathScan

Through the practical business applications of PathScan, EY can help deliver robust:

  • Assessments: point-in-time perspectives of an organization’s cybersecurity environment and topography

  • Transformations: cybersecurity program improvements through integration with your legacy security tools

  • Managed services and subscription services: a full suite of services to establish and manage an effective security operations center

This tool can also enhance the following programs:

  • Threat intelligence

    • Security monitoring

  • Incident response

    • Countermeasure planning

  The EY cyber threat management framework  

The EY cyber threat
management framework


As business issues get more complex, working in silos and trying to solve problems on your own can be lonely – and risky. We believe in looking at the bigger picture, and choosing the right people to help you piece it together. Through our alliance with Los Alamos, we can help you tap into market-leading knowledge, innovative tools and solutions from within EY and beyond. We believe that when organizations can access the best assets, intelligence and solutions, the world works better.