Purpose-Led Transformation

Ignite long-lasting change and fuel growth and innovation

Benefits & examples

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Numerous studies have confirmed our instincts: purpose can have a profound impact on an organization’s performance.

Purpose-Led Transformation galvanizes people to ignite long-lasting positive change and fuels strategic growth and innovation. Research has shown that purpose allows organizations to:

  • Develop premium brand positions
  • Attract the best talent and keep them motivated
  • Create customer loyalty and advocacy
  • Outperform the market

See the chart below for more details:

EY - Benefits & examples

Companies today are leveraging purpose across their organizations to achieve high impact on business results. Below are some examples:

  • A consumer goods company set the goal of doubling the size of their business while reducing their environmental footprint and increasing positive social impact. The company infused purpose in their business strategy, operating model and value chain. As a result, the company's share price has doubled in the past five years and revenue has increased by 30%.
  • A health care company has used purpose to drive long-term growth for many decades. The company uses its commitment to customers, employees, communities and shareholders to guide the actions of its business lines and drive sustainable growth. Despite its size and long history, the company continues to grow at a faster pace than its competitors.
  • A chemicals company facing stagnant growth transformed into an innovative science company driven by purpose to work with others to solve the world's toughest challenges. The transformation focused on developing a more sustainable supply chain and purpose-driven product development, resulting in 214% shareholder return and $10 billion in revenue from new product launches over the transformational period.