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Learn how purpose can help you achieve transformation, innovation and growth.

Purpose-Led Transformation is a new approach to driving strategic transformation, innovation and growth. In a recent survey conducted by EY and Harvard Business Review Analytics, 91% of respondents identified that their company has or is working on developing a purpose, while less than half believe their strategy is aligned with the purpose. Further, only 37% believe their operating model and operations are aligned to their purpose.

We define purpose as an organization’s clear reason for being that serves to set strategic vision and decision making. A strong purpose focuses the business strategy on delivering value and meaning for customers, employees and other stakeholders.

There are many events that may trigger the need for a Purpose-Led Transformation, including:

  • New CEO appointment
  • Reinvigorating and accelerating growth and innovation
  • Establishing a new brand essence and relevance
  • Integrating merged or acquired businesses
  • Building a new business model and basis of competition for value creation

Organizations facing these situations can benefit from greater innovation, leadership alignment, employee engagement and follow through when leveraging purpose as the ambition to motivate change.

Our Purpose-Led Transformation methodology helps organizations:

  • Develop or assess and refine their purpose statement
  • Activate the purpose – from corporate strategy to operations to branding to talent development
  • Organize and deploy sprint teams to achieve accelerated results in a pilot environment
  • Scale the changes over the long-term through a process that can include business and operating model changes and functional area transformations