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The EY-Microsoft Digital Alliance

Helping enterprises realize bottom-line results in their digital world

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Move at the pace your markets require.

Digital technologies like social, mobile, analytics and cloud are rapidly expanding to create new employee and customer experiences. They are fundamentally changing how your organization works, interacts and competes.

To drive sustainable business performance, you need to realize the full impact of the digital world across your workplace and marketplace.

This requires a:

  • Strategic vision for digital enablement
  • Cross-functional commitment to collaboration
  • Culture of trust
  • New playbook for activating workplace innovation
  • Digitally-savvy approach to risk management, data security and governance.

In many cases, the digital technologies you need are already available in some form within the enterprise. The key is to capitalize on existing investments while leveraging more advanced, trusted, and secure business applications to drive bottom line outcomes.

How the EY-Microsoft Alliance can help

The EY-Microsoft Alliance combines EY’s trusted business services with Microsoft’s comprehensive digital and cloud technologies, including Microsoft Azure, Microsoft Office 365, and predictive analytics. Together, we deliver the trusted capabilities you need to translate your digital enterprise vision into action and business results.

The EY-Microsoft Alliance brings trusted capabilities to accelerate business performance by realizing the full potential of digital across the enterprise.

We’ll guide you in how to use Microsoft’s business applications and cloud services as the foundation for innovation across your workplace and marketplace, including improvements in employee collaboration, productivity, program performance, operational efficiency, decision making and overall market performance.

Our combined history of capability, integrity, objectivity, and trust will give you the confidence you need to maximize your digital investment and advance confidently through an end-to-end business transformation that sustains your business for years to come.

Benefits to you

  • Performance. A disciplined, strategic approach, combined with cloud, mobility, and productivity offerings that help your workforce make the most of existing and new technologies to achieve your business goals.
  • Trusted capabilities. A history of integrity, objectivity, transparency, and focus on security that enables you to predict, monitor and manage risks while also advancing your business’ growth and transformation on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform.
  • Sustainable results. Strong strategic consultation and flexible digital technologies that drive repeatable enterprise programs and can scale with your goals, enabling you to sustain your business for years to come.