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PCS Assurance Champions


Region Name
Canada David Fabian
Israel Oren Bar-on
Mexico and Central America Jose Vazquez Gonzalez
South America (Argentina) Fernando Paci
South America (Bolivia) Javier Iriarte
South America (Brazil) Leonardo Donato
South America (Colombia) Jorge Piñeiro
South America (Ecuador) Patricio Cevallos
South America (Peru) Fernando Nuñez
South America (Venezuela) Javier Cuni
US (Central) Frank Maselli
US (FSO) Jesse Shapiro
US (Northeast) Anthony Sgammato
US (Southeast) Mike Pattillo
US (Southwest) Taylor P Sisson
US (West) Mark Sogomian
PCS Co-Leader Todd Zuspan
PCS Co-Leader David Fabian



Region Email
Africa Herbert Wasike
Africa Azim Omar
Commonwealth of Independent States Artyom Shlenkin
Central and Eastern Europe Zeynep Okuyan
Germany, Austria and Switzerland Peter Werling
India Firoz Pradhan
Mediterranean Enrico Lenzi
Middle East and North Africa Walid Nakfour
Nordics Peter Klindt Eilertsen
Nordics Steen Skorstengaard
United Kingdom and Ireland Cameron G. Cartmell
Western Europe and Maghreb Willy Rocher


Asia-Pacific and Japan

Region Email
Asean Julianingsih Tan
Greater China Michael Tjenalooi
Korea Ki Hyun Park
Oceania Andrea Paterson
Japan Takeshi Saida