Private Client Services (PCS)

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There are a lot of private companies in the world — but none like yours. Whether you are a start-up, equity-backed, a family business or a multinational market leader, we know that an off-the-shelf service is not what you need. It’s why as a private client of EY you can expect to get a service that is as unique as you are.

We have a long history of helping private companies accelerate growth. The insights we have gained mean that we are uniquely placed to help you achieve your business and personal ambitions, no matter whether these are around tax advice, a quality audit focused on your business, process improvement ideas, capital raising, succession planning or guidance on international expansion and acquisitions.

As part of your private client experience, our teams will work with you to explore how your business performs against the EY 7 Drivers of Growth — our unique framework created from our unrivalled insights gained by working with the world’s best entrepreneurial companies.

It’s how we ask the right questions to better understand your challenges and provide the services you need to accelerate your growth and achieve your business and personal ambitions.

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 EY Private Client Services (PCS)EY - A better conversationEY - Trusted business professionalsThe EY 7 Drivers of GrowthEY - Responding to your unique challengesEY - Accelerating growth


A better conversation

As you work with us, you will find that you are having the type of conversation that matters most to you — one about you and your business, not ours.

We want to have a conversation that’s focused on accelerating your growth and realizing your business and personal ambitions. We want a conversation that is supported and informed by the breadth and depth of our industry insights and our experience of working with the world’s most admired growth companies.

The best conversations always start with a great question — one that makes you stop and think. By asking a better question, we can help you understand the growth challenges that lie ahead and build a better answer to help you overcome them.


Trusted business professionals

Your private client experience starts the moment you meet one of our professionals. They are at the heart of what we do and how we provide exceptional service to all our private clients.

You can expect someone who is connected — who understands you and your business and is ready to leverage the global EY network and their own local network to bring you the most qualified people.

You can expect someone who is responsive — so that every member of the team you work with has the desire and commitment to be proactive, visible and timely. You can expect someone who is insightful, ready to share EY experiences and a point of view tailored to your business and helping you define your strategy for a rapidly changing world.

And above all, you can expect someone who believes in what you do and the difference your business makes to the world in which we live and work.


The EY 7 Drivers of Growth

We have been fortunate to work with many of the world’s most inspiring entrepreneurs — and what we’ve learned along the way helps makes your private client experience one that really makes a difference.

Our EY 7 Drivers of Growth framework was designed to help companies like yours align their capabilities with their strategy to accelerate growth. This unique framework is the product of extensive research that examined the growth journeys of hundreds of companies around the globe — ranging from start-ups to leading businesses — as well as in-depth interviews with winners of our EY Entrepreneur Of The Year™ program.

By working with EY, you will be able to chart your company’s position against the most important Drivers of Growth — and from that create an action plan to help you accelerate your growth ambitions.


Responding to your unique challenges

There’s no other business like yours — no other business is going to face the same challenges or uncover the same opportunities that you will. It’s why we don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach.

As part of the private client experience, we can provide a blend of services and advice that’s as unique as you are. By understanding your growth agenda and unique needs, we can combine our insights and experience, our global resources and our industry capabilities to provide a tailored package of support that works for you.

Whether you need tax advice, a quality audit focused on your business, process improvement ideas or guidance on international expansion and acquisitions, your EY professional will be on hand so you have access to the best of EY — when and where you need it.


Accelerating growth

There is one thing we have found that is common to all private companies — the need to accelerate growth. Whatever your growth trajectory, we can help you achieve your goals.

Private companies are the engine-room of the global economy, whether they are start-ups or market leaders. You may be looking for rapid growth, sustainable growth or just to grow your organization without losing control. Wherever you are in your company’s life cycle, we have the knowledge and skills to help you identify your growth opportunities and meet the business challenges that all growing companies face.

We use our broad business perspective from our experience of growing companies to help you achieve your business and personal ambitions.