EY - Reporting magazine: Issue 7 – May 2014
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Organizations that succeed in today’s uncertain economic times are often ones that have invested in building and maintaining the confidence of their stakeholders. By telling their performance story effectively and consistently to the investment community, regulators, commentators and customers, they earn support for growth and change.

While financial reports are undeniably critical to sharing a performance record, effective reporting goes well beyond the numbers. Increasingly, stakeholders want to know about a company’s business strategy, risk assessments, environmental performance and community contributions.

Reporting magazine brings together insights and ideas which we believe will interest, inform and inspire business leaders involved in reporting in its broadest sense.

Several features in the current issue touch on the themes of new risk and best practice stakeholder communications:

The increasing importance of non-financial performance: When assessing a company’s risk, global institutional investors are looking beyond the numbers to environmental, social and governance performance. We explore what information investors want and how they evaluate it.

Risk looking beyond the obvious: The process of risk management has changed considerably over the last decade. Christian Mouillon, our Global Managing Partner Risk Management, looks at lessons learned from the financial crisis and suggests how executives and boards need to broaden their outlooks.

Aligning reporting for greater transparency: Should you align your management information with your financial statements? This article looks at the benefits and challenges of taking this path towards improving transparency and communication.

The digital difference: The growth of digital communications has given companies many new options for communicating their financial and business information. We investigate the trends.

5 things I’ve learned: Lucinda Bell, Group Finance Director of FTSE 100 company British Land, shares lessons from 23 years’ experience in stakeholder communications.

Plus articles on:

The value of data analytics: Everyone is talking about “big data,” but how do you use it to improve your business performance?

The buy side: What are the pros and cons of investing in Asia’s booming technology sector?

Cross-border issues: David Wright of IOSCO explains why the organization promotes the global convergence of securities regulation.