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How can digital drive an improved customer experience?

Shifting gears in a rapidly changing market

We helped an auto remarketing and services firm keep its foot on the gas

A global auto remarketing and services firm needed to streamline its operations while preserving and enhancing its customer relationships. It also needed to prepare for a future where transportation and mobility converge into a single industry. We helped the company undertake a digital transformation that positions it as an efficient, customer-friendly organization that is ready for what the future will bring.

No time for business as usual

Over the years, the company’s technology slowly became unequal to the task of running the business. Even as smartphones became ubiquitous, its employees struggled with systems that were proving ever more difficult to operate and maintain. Building and enhancing the personal relationship with the customer – an industry expectation – became increasingly challenging.

At the same time, although the auto remarketing business is robust, change is clearly on the way. The sharing economy is shifting the way many people think about transportation and mobility. The company understood that the market was changing, and that its participants needed to change too.

Harnessing the power of digital

To start, the company needed to streamline its operations and bring the power of digital to the auction lot. It needed its employees to spend less time working through simple, repeatable tasks and more time building customer relationships. It needed to broaden and enhance the customer experience. They asked us to help. We started by helping transform their financial operations, helping create an ERP system and interface so employees and customers could see real-time data. Then, through a series of collaboration hubs, we helped employees identify the pain points of every business interaction and build a catalog of 70 customer journeys. We helped reimagine and redesign the physical auction experience, adding digital platforms to speed transactions.

Prepared for today – and tomorrow

Now, customers can conduct their business at on-site kiosks or via hand-held devices, while employees roam the lot to provide the personal touch. And thanks to the wealth of data the company now collects, customers can find any auto in the entire auction inventory, rather than being limited to the vehicles on a given lot. Soon, the company will be able to establish the optimum sale scenario for any vehicle based on factors such as its make, model, condition, mileage, trim level and accessory package.

The digital transformation is also driving the centralization of services that will help the company serve large numbers of vehicles and attract the business of enterprise-level companies in the new mobility industry. By embracing digital, the company has prepared itself to better serve its customers today – and tomorrow.

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