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What's the healthy approach to digital for health care?

Changing the diagnosis on social media

We helped an international pharmaceutical company to reduce the risks in its use of social media

A leading international pharmaceutical company wanted to reduce the risks in its use of social media. It knew that mistakes could lead to fines in the hundreds of millions of dollars. After conducting a risk assessment that highlighted key areas of concern, we helped the company fashion a response that helped it set the appropriate boundaries that would accelerate social media use.

Freed from worry about whether any action might lead to unacceptable consequences, the company has made the most of its social media presence, developing award-winning health care campaigns.

A complicated risk landscape

The burgeoning role of social media in corporate communications has complicated the pharmaceutical industry risk landscape.

Across the sector, there is a risk that some messages could be seen as advertising, which is prohibited in many countries. Other messages might be seen as giving medical advice, also forbidden. And, regulators already have proved willing to punish transgressions severely.

The company performed an internal audit, which identified significant risks. A second audit determined that the company’s steps to reduce the risk had not succeeded. The company turned to us to help clear the way to the safe use of social media, now and in the future.

Building a new approach

With the goal of transforming its unidentified risks into a communications advantage, the company set out to centralize and streamline its social media approach. The goal was a common framework allowing for consistency across geographies as well as the close monitoring and management of associated risks. We helped the company:

  • Build a social media center of excellence, equipped with leading infrastructure and staffed with social media experts as well as people with compliance and regulatory backgrounds
  • Develop a registry system to log and track all of the company’s social media activities
  • Build a governance team and process that allowed proven, compliant messages to be used in other countries without extended further approvals

We designed the framework with the future in mind; all of the processes and approaches included an element of constant review and improvement. We also developed and deployed mandatory social media compliance training for the company’s worldwide workforce, including the development of web-based learning in 17 languages.

Making the most of social media

The company now uses social media to improve health outcomes, attract the best talent, and grow and protect their brand. It has a system in place to reduce the risks — a system that is designed to adjust as the risks change over time.

With the sizable risks involved in hand, the company is racing toward becoming the industry leader in social. It is now able to connect directly with the patients who use its products. Through social, it has been able to learn what they care about and respond accordingly where needed; sometimes, the answer can be as simple as improved application instructions or tools. It’s also using social media to focus attention on pressing health issues, developing campaigns that have drawn considerable praise. Where the company once saw risk, it now sees a communications advantage.

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