Organization and Talent Planning

Helping business leaders align organization and people decisions with strategic and financial objectives

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It begins with a winning strategy

Transactions expose and create tremendous opportunities for companies. At the same time, it’s a significant undertaking to adjust operating models and position thousands of employees within new organizational structures and roles around the globe.

Sound organization design and talent decisions play a major role in planning for and successfully achieving the strategic and financial objectives of these deals. Business leaders need a solid focused plan for designing their future organization and greater transparency to align leadership and key talent.


Organization and talent planning

EY - Organization and talent planning

Helping business leaders align organization and people decisions with strategic and financial objectives.

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Pre-close limitations prevent companies from sharing access to critical information, but there are still myriad questions to answer before the deal closes and to prepare for prior to the first day of operations. Each decision you make will influence your next. For example:

  • How should you realign the operating model to support the business strategy?
  • What implications will that have on the organizational structure?
  • How can you drive a holistic organization and talent planning process?
  • How will you select and align your leadership team and the broader talent base?
  • How will you keep employees informed to help retain the best talent and keep them engaged during a time of uncertainty?
  • Where can you aggregate employee data to do integration or separation planning? Pre-close? Post-close, but before human resource management system integration?
  • How can you get the Integration Management Office, Separation Management Office, Human Resources and Finance on the same page regarding employee data and synergy/stand-up cost estimates?
  • How do you compare jobs and pay levels across organizations?
  • How do you feed integrated down streams systems before integrating human resource system platforms at target?
  • How do you avoid manual synergy tracking and reporting?
  • How do you gain confidence that you are selecting the right talent to take the organization into its new direction?
  • How to target positions where retention of key employees can be easily identified.

It is critical to move with speed and confidence to capture value. Delays could cause you to miss financial and strategic targets, cost you top talent and damage the market’s trust in your organization.

You need someone to help you link the people, organizational and financial objectives to improve the chances of success post-close. That’s where our Organization and Talent Planning comes in.