Does your organizational strategy align with the workforce of the future?

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It begins with a winning strategy


Organization and talent planning

EY - Organization and talent planning

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Aggregating, normalizing, and securely sharing critical organizational information across systems and entities can be a substantial task, and each decision will influence the next.

These decisions may even open a world of questions including those around:

  • Alignment:
    • How should you align the operating model to support a new business strategy?
    • What implications will that have on the organizational structure?
  • Planning:
    • How can you drive a holistic organization and talent planning process?
    • Does the process introduce the right amount of financial rigor and discipline, while balancing the sensitivity required to handle people-related decisions?
  • Leadership:
    • How will you select and align your leadership team and a broader talent base that enables success for today and the future?
  • Confidence:
    • How do you gain confidence that you are selecting the right talent to take the organization into its new direction?
  • Enablement:
    • How do you enable a data-driven organization and a talent planning process that draws insights from analytics, relies on organizational data in a secure manner, and enables detailed tracking of movements and costs?

To address these issues and more, you need a strategic team to help link your organizational, financial and people objectives. That’s where EY’s Organization and Talent Planning (OTP) service comes in.