Inspire people today for superior results tomorrow

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To meet this need today, FWN offers business leaders a clear road map to full organizational transition to the “new economy.” Our framework consists of seven interconnected levers; when orchestrated in harmony, these levers unleash the dynamics necessary to fully understand and address change. Better still, the levers work to activate the individuals, teams and organization to meet the urgent demands to succeed in tomorrow’s marketplace.

Click on the 7 levers below to see how each can impact the individual, team and organization.

EY - Global digital mega-trendsTeaming abilityDigital leadershipCollective purposeReal estatePerformance and rewardsTechnology experienceMind clarity


Teaming ability

  • Role identification
  • Relationship acceleration
  • Leading practices
  • Development and training


Digital leadership

  • Leadership assessment
  • Leadership strategy
  • Development and training


Collective purpose

  • Purpose definition
  • Purpose assessment
  • Purpose activation


Physical environment

  • Real estate cost baseline
  • Space utilization assessment
  • Location strategy
  • Business case development
  • Leading practices


Performance and rewards

  • Performance design assessment
  • Performance management design
  • Program migration
  • Rewards assessment
  • Rewards strategy
  • Rewards program design
  • Rewards activation


Technology experience

  • Digital program activation
  • Continuous experience implementation
  • Chat and communication


Mind clarity

  • Mindfulness assessment
  • Mindfulness programs

The seven interconnected levers:

  • 1. Collective purpose

    Identifying an aspirational reason for being, serving as the backbone of the FWN experience

  • 2. Global digital leadership

    Identifying and developing new competencies necessary to effectively lead in the digital age

  • 3. Teaming ability

    Understanding role and team fit in an effort to customize techniques by employee type and maximize overall performance

  • 4. Mind clarity

    Helping employees bring their best self to work by increasing individual mindfulness and removing internal stressors in response to external stimuli

  • 5. Performance and reward systems

    Setting the ideal motivations and rewards to create an inspired individual, team and organization

  • 6. Tech experience

    Harnessing technology to create persona-based experiences to influence engagement, adoption and productivity

  • 7. Physical environment

    Creating synergy between people’s work experience and physical environment

The ultimate resource

Did you know?
Stephen Hawking, Bill Gates and Elon Musk, in late 2015, highlighted the risks raised by the rapid rise of AI and its implications for humanity. - CNET

In the future of work, the human resource will increasingly become the ultimate resource. But companies will need to use their people more efficiently as they deploy smart technologies and take on competition not yet imagined. Businesses everywhere will have to reinvent their model to keep their people and organizations engaged and inspired to do their best work. Understanding and grasping the gravity of this intersection positions FWN for actionable results. FWN's comprehensive, coordinated framework is designed to improve your focus, adjust your actions and help your business thrive today – for success tomorrow.