The Future Work Now journey

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The Future Work Now process starts with the Future of Work Readiness Index, which explores the current level of activation in your organization against each of the seven levers.

  • The Future of Work Readiness Index

    The Future of Work Readiness Index is the data-driven foundational first move that sets the course for leaders to prepare their organizations for the changing working world.

    The index draws on leader views, employee views, data metrics and benchmarking to provide focus for the planning of the future of work specific to your organization.

    It helps to provide clarity in a number of areas critical to starting, implementing and forwarding your plan:

    • Disruptive forces with the most influence on your business
    • Cultural priorities required for your business strategy
    • Your talent challenges today and tomorrow
    • Key workforce and business metrics
    • Current state maturity across a future-of-work framework
    • Desired future state compared against leading and emerging practices that define the future of work

    The Future of Work Readiness Index dashboard

    TheFuture of Work Readiness Index is communicated to your organization through a digital dashboard, which is tailored to your organization’s unique results. 

    The dashboard provides the context for your future-of-work transformation and includes a benchmarked Future of Work Readiness Index score and prioritized design options. Benchmarking helps your leaders see your organization’s readiness relative to others.

    EY - The Future of Work Readiness Index dashboard
  • The Future of Work Design Studio

    The Future of Work Readiness Index dashboard is incorporated into our Design Studio — an interactive workshop with your leaders, which blends design-thinking and dynamic, creative activities to understand what the future of work will look like in your organization and to begin shaping your plan for activating the seven levers.

    Designing the future of work: Readiness Index and Design Studio

    Designing the future needs a starting point – this technology is that: a design sprint including baselining and benchmarking.


    Putting it into action — designing the FWN road map

    Future Work Now moves quickly to designing your employee experience based on a variety of inputs, using the Readiness Index and Design Studio results as frame of reference.

    A series of implementation options are designed based on, among other things, your organization’s needs, available resources and the intended scale of the initial pilot.

    By focusing on a constant delivery of value based on the highest priories, organizations will be able to benefit from the full scope of the Future Work Now offering without committing to an extensive resource model.

Designing for the future requires a starting point. EY can help you start your future-of-work journey.

To get started, request a short demo of the Future of Work Readiness Index.