Global Leadership Forecast

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The report on the most comprehensive leadership survey in the world is launched.

The Global Leadership Forecast (GLF) is the foremost leadership report of its kind, bringing together insight from a survey of more than 22,000 leaders and 2,500 HR professionals. This year Development Dimensions International and The Conference Board invited EY to submit a few articles on leadership, recognizing EY’s presence in this field. The 2017/2018 study is the eighth in the series of GLF studies, examining the current state of leadership worldwide and projecting the major issues facing leaders across industries and economies over the next three years.

Read EY’s chapters:

  • EY - Purpose-driven Leadership: Inspiring and Leading in a Complex Environment

    Purpose-driven Leadership: Inspiring and Leading in a Complex Environment

    Purpose is an aspirational reason for being that inspires and provides a call to action for an organization, its partners, stakeholders, and society as a whole. Global Leadership Forecast 2018 finds that getting purpose right builds organizational resilience and, crucially, improves long-term financial performance as seen in the figure below. We found that the real benefits come when leaders walk the walk by behaving in a manner that exemplifies their organization’s purpose. Find out more.

  • EY - Accelerating the Digital Journey: Changing Old Leadership Mindsets and Ways of Working

    Accelerating the Digital Journey: Changing Old Leadership Mindsets and Ways of Working

    To thrive in this new era, most organizations will need to build new skills and capabilities; they’ll also need to overcome old mindsets and ways of working. This won’t be achieved by the delivery of formal training and learning alone. The workplace must become the learning environment. To assure this transition, everyone in the organization will need to be learning every day. Find out more.

  • EY - HR under Pressure: Falling Behind in the Race to Transform

    HR under Pressure: Falling Behind in the Race to Transform

    The future of work is now, and the implications for our workforces are profound. New career paths, evolving organizational structures and business models, analytics, and digital disruption are trends every HR professional faces. Never has the role of HR leadership been more important in making this transformation happen. Business leaders no longer need to be convinced how important talent is. Here we address the changes HR leaders are experiencing and how prepared they are to meet key workplace challenges relative to leaders in other roles. Find out more.


Six leadership megatrends

  • Digital reshapes the workforce: Across nearly every facet of the research, we saw the influence of digital readiness. Digitally advanced organizations and leaders are already outperforming their less technologically savvy peers, who risk being permanently left behind.

  • DIY is DOA: Leaders who stand (and learn) alone — not given access to or eschewing coaching from peers and mentors and failing to adopt a collective, shared and team-centric view of leadership — may survive in the workplace, but they surely won’t thrive.

  • Culture looms crucial: Leadership strategies will fail without solid cultural cornerstones — clearly grasped and enlivened purpose, peer coaching, experimentation, psychological safety and fully incorporated, diverse gender and generational views.

  • Data’s power extends beyond the numbers: We expected to see data as an increasingly valuable commodity for people and business decisions. But we didn’t anticipate the heavy influence data and analytics have on businesses’ human side: inclusivity, agility and fairness.

  • The potential pool swells to a lake: Organizations taking a broad view of potential — expanding their reach to activate and accelerate leadership talent — prove more financially successful, feature stronger top leaders and employ more women at leader level..

  • HR navigates a challenging road ahead: HR’s reputation as an anticipator has taken a hit along with its declining rates of analytics success. Also, HR’s own digital readiness is lacking. If this isn’t addressed soon, HR’s ability to drive digital advancement will be crippled.


To read the full: 2017 Global Leadership Forecast click here.