Verification Services

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Our methodology
Ernst & Young CertifyPoint B.V. has developed a reliable and efficient methodology for the verification of annual CO2 emissions, which meets the regulatory requirements of EU ETS III. In addition, EY CertifyPoint B.V. is accredited under ISO 14065 and follows the guidelines for verifiers of the relevant local and international authorities.

Verification involves three steps. In step one, our verifiers analyse a company’s carbon emissions monitoring plan; at this stage, we assess whether it meets regulatory requirements and identify the necessary adjustments.

In step two, we verify the calculation of reported emissions data. Step three issues the assurance report, which gives an informed, sustained, and independent opinion regarding the company’s emissions report.

In addition, we provide a report containing our findings and recommendations. Throughout the process, we deliver intermediary reports tailored to your needs.

We have gained rich experience in EU ETS verifications since 2008. With our tried and tested methodology and a team bringing together technical expertise and ample verification experience, we are outstandingly positioned to provide high-quality and value-added services.

Strong international presence
EY has a strong presence across the globe. Our international organisation guarantees seamless teamwork between highly skilled, experienced and committed verifiers in all EU member states.

These verifiers have valuable knowledge and experience in the field of performing annual CO2 emissions verifications in a wide variety of industries across the European Union. In other words, whether you operate in the Netherlands only or cross-border, we can assist you.

Our accreditation
EY CertifyPoint B.V. is accredited to issue independent assurance reports providing “reasonable assurance” on emissions within the framework of the EU ETS system. The scopes of our verifications are listed in the database of accredited verifiers (accreditation registration #V105: