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Upcoming courses at EY CertifyPoint

EY CertifyPoint offers open courses as well as in-house courses tailored to the organizations’ needs.

Training Calendar 2019

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* For EY colleagues only


We organize sessions on multiple topics. Get in touch at the below addresses to let us know what you are interested in.

  1. Irina Damian at +31 6 2125 1348 or irina.damian@nl.ey.com
  2. Marije Tibboel at +31 6 2908 4479 or marije.tibboel@nl.ey.com
  3. Menno van Leeuwen at +31 8 8407 1843 or menno.van.leeuwen@nl.ey.com
  4. Pratham Jalan at +31 6 2908 3758 or pratham.jalan@nl.ey.com

Should you be interested in discussing an effective in-house training solution, please contact us by sending an email to certifypoint@nl.ey.com.