Climate Change and Sustainability Services

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Finance and transactions

Helping you to think low carbon in your infrastructure and transactions is among the services provided by EY. EY provides CCaSS advisory services at the point of investment planning through to the financing and closing of your business transactions. Consider climate change and sustainability at every stage of your business decision-making.

  • Infrastructure advisory – Energy and environmental infrastructure services


    • Advice on primary deals, sale and purchase of infrastructure investments/companies and refinancing of existing projects
    • Advise developers, sponsors and investors in energy and environmental infrastructure projects, and governments and government bodies on the procurement and financing of infrastructure projects
    • Advise on all forms of renewable energy projects (including power, heat and renewables fuels for transport), low-carbon power projects, waste management and energy from waste, water management and flood defence infrastructure


  • Transaction advisory – Climate change and sustainability focused businesses


    • Undertake independent valuations of environmental businesses and assets (including breakdown into tangible and intangible value components as required) to support our clients’ strategic and transaction objectives, and to inform their decisions regarding appropriate taxation and accounting treatments
    • Develop and / or undertake independent reviews of the financial models used by our clients to execute corporate transactions and develop their strategic plans in the environmental arena, and also of the tools they use to forecast and monitor the performance of their environmental businesses
    • Provide insights on transaction candidates, deals and process strategies for mergers and acquisitions
    • Offer objective transaction execution advice, taking into account climate change and sustainability regulatory and industry rules and guidelines relating to mergers and acquisition activity
    • Provide financial, tax, forensic, operations, technology, markets and human resource due diligence for clients looking to buy or sell climate change or sustainability related businesses or assets
    • Structure the transaction to optimize financial and tax benefits and accounting and tax treatment, taking account of climate change and or sustainability related grants and subsidies that may be available
    • Assist in the evaluation of working capital needs for climate change related businesses or assets and improve related processes
    • Help prepare and execute an integration plan that will identify synergies, sources of value and mitigate risks for climate change-related transactions
    • Provide advice on successfully merging workforces including benefit plans, pensions, facilities, and other corporate services


  • Sustainable capital & debt – Assurance and advisory services


    • EY can assist you with understanding opportunities for sustainable capital and debt, including green bonds. In the case of green bonds, we can assist you at each stage of the bond issuance depending on your needs, from project selection through to reporting. We can also provide third party independent assurance at pre and post issuance.


For more information about CCaSS finance and transaction services, please see CCaSS contact list .

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