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EY - Adding new dimensions to your company's future

Adding new dimensions to a hospitality company’s future

Find out how we helped Royal Caribbean use digital to add value in new, innovative ways.

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EY - How do you blend opportunities of innovation with centuries of tradition?

How do you blend opportunities for innovation with centuries of tradition?

In this case study, learn how we helped a longtime consumer products market leader build its disruptive skills.

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EY - How can digital help make your customers’ friends your customers?

How can digital help make your customers’ friends your customers?

In this case study, learn how we drew on our digital depth to help a global media client become the kind of company that inspires advocacy.

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EY - Shifting gears in a rapidly changing market

Shifting gears in a rapidly changing market

A global automotive company wanted to improve customer relationships while streamlining operations. We helped with a digital transformation so the company could keep the foot on the gas.

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EY - What's the healthy approach to digital for health care?

What's the healthy approach to digital for health care?

When digital meets human ingenuity we create real impact. Learn how looking at digital from every angle is helping a pharmaceutical company realize the true power of social media.

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Digital creates opportunities and risks across the value chain. Our insights will help you look at digital from every angle.

In EY, we think about digital not just in terms of the technology. We think about, what is the impact of digital on the client? What is the impact on the client's people? What is the impact on their communities? It's about looking at digital from every angle, and determining the human impact we can have.”

Uschi Schreiber, EY Global Vice Chair – Markets and Chair of Global Accounts Committee

Uschi Schreiber

Global Vice Chair – Markets and Chair of Global Accounts Committee Director

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Digital leadership

Alison Kay

Alison Kay

Global vice chair of industry

Alison Kay is EY Global Vice Chair of Industry, based in London. She focuses on providing innovativing, sector-specific solutions to businesses that address their critical issues and helping them to become and remain fit for the future.

Richard Suhr

Richard Suhr

Advisory Global Digital leader

As EY Global Advisory Digital Lead, Richard Suhr maintains a focus on creating high-growth digital businesses. He has a broad range of general management and advisory experience and is proficient in accelerating sales and marketing outcomes for businesses around the globe. He is based in Wellington, New Zealand.

Herman Sidhu

Herman Sidhu

Assurance Global Digital leader

Hermann Sidhu is EY Global Assurance Digital Lead, focusing on robotic process automation, next-generation analytics and machine learning. He also leads Statutory Reporting Center of Excellence, which transforms statutory audits through data analytics, automation and client-facing digital project management tools. He is based in Dublin, Ireland.

Tony Qui

Tony Qui

Transactions Global Digital leader

Tony Qui holds a dual role in EY Global Transaction Advisory Services, as Chief Digital Officer and Global Operational Transaction Services Leader. Based in London, he has led over 200 transactions, helping corporates and private equity clients transform their businesses and realize value and synergies from their merger and acquisitions.

Channing Flynn

Channing Flynn

Tax Global Digital leader

Channing Flynn is a partner in the International Tax Services practice. Based in both San Jose, California, and San Francisco, he is also the Global Technology Tax Sector Leader within Global Technology Center, headquartered in Silicon Valley. Channing is also Global Digital Tax Leader.

Monica Dimitracopoulos

Monica Dimitracopoulos

Global Markets Digital leader

As Global Digital Leader, Markets and Global Knowledge Transformation Leader, Monica Dimitracopoulos works with leaders across EY to shape our digital strategy. That includes building new capabilities required to provide distinctive insights to clients, teams and external audiences and creating new internal digital platforms.

Gil Forer

Gil Forer

Lead Partner, Digital and Business Disruption

Gil Forer leads digital efforts within EY Global Markets, anticipating and shaping the future of our work in the market and with our clients. He teams with leaders to develop and execute go-to-market strategy and action plan in digital, while also leading market-facing programs focused on how disruptive trends impact corporate innovation strategies.

Eric Buchen

Eric Buchen

Global Digital Business Development Leader

Eric Buchen is EY Global Digital Business Development Leader. He is responsible for helping execute the organization’s digital strategy and build confidence in a digital world. Eric applies his broad experience with the appropriate focus, energy and discipline to help leaders seize the upside of disruption.

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EY - Reto Isenegger

Reto Isenegger

Enterprise strategy
EY - Kris J Pederson

Kris Pederson

Enterprise strategy
EY - David Jensen

David Jensen

Incubation and innovation
EY - Laurence Buchanan

Laurence Buchanan

Continuous experience implementation
EY - Fran E Exley

Fran Exley

Continuous experience implementation
EY - Andrew Caveney

Andrew Caveney

EY - Amy Brachio

Amy Brachio