Enterprise Growth Services

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Helping entrepreneurs change lives

Social entrepreneurs are using the power of the market to innovate paths out of problems as diverse as job creation, social inequality and lack of access to life-enhancing services like health, education, energy, clean water and sanitation. EGS exists to support these true legacy builders.

Operating at heavily subsidized rates, EGS extends the benefit of our services to people and places we don’t normally reach. By helping these small and growing businesses to operate more efficiently and grow sustainably, we extend their reach and impact — a ripple effect that is changing lives and livelihoods in some of the world’s most deprived communities.

Why we do it

Like the social entrepreneurs and impact investors we work with, we share a belief in business as a force for good and a means to reduce inequality within and between nations. Find out more

How it works

By operating on a not-for-profit, low-fee basis, EGS makes our quality, insights and global network accessible to social impact businesses in low income countries. Find out more

Where we’ve helped

EGS is helping social entrepreneurs to scale their businesses and grow their impact in communities across sub-Saharan Africa, south Asia and central and Latin America. Find out more