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How it works

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Working with some of the world’s leading impact investors and entrepreneurship networks, we seek out high-potential impact entrepreneurs and send experienced EY people to help improve their businesses’ resilience, productivity and capacity for sustainable growth.

We deploy the right skills and experience to tackle clients’ unique problems in their unique contexts, using the same methodologies and techniques as EY member firms employ with mainstream government and large commercial clients.

Similarly, while Ripples Projects operates on a not-for-profit basis and only charges nominal fees, all projects are scoped, managed and overseen with the same rigor as would be applied to any other client.


Every project is different, because every client is different. We handpick EY professionals with directly relevant experience to the challenge at hand and rigorously screen them for their resilience and ability to transfer their skills.

Full-time, hands-on

EY people work on the ground, full-time, with impact entrepreneurs and their businesses for the duration of the project, typically anywhere from a few weeks to a few months. Whatever the duration, the focus is on co-creating the kind of change that can endure long after we leave.


In our experience, impact entrepreneurs want to have a personal stake in the desired outcome. A nominal fee of US$75 a day (which typically includes all expenses) encourages active involvement in projects, while taking care that services are accessible and affordable even to impact entrepreneurs in low-income communities.

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