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Accelerating Entrepreneurs
21-24 April 2018 | Amsterdam

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EY Accelerating Entrepreneurs program

The EY Accelerating Entrepreneurs program helps fast-growth startups from around the world to scale their business through one-on-one guidance, insight sharing and networking – with each other and with large corporations.

The program is designed to help accelerate entrepreneurs through the next steps of their growth journey to becoming the global market leaders of tomorrow.

Our commitment to entrepreneurship

For 30 years, we’ve recognized the world’s most dynamic and innovative entrepreneurs through our prestigious EY Entrepreneur Of The Year™ program. We also connect them throughout the year to influential business and government leaders, investors and advisors from around the globe at our Strategic Growth Forum and Innovation Realized events.

It’s this same commitment that, through our EY Accelerating Entrepreneurs program, drives us to support the next generation of entrepreneurial high-growth companies that are looking to scale up. We use our convening power and world-class network to connect startups with answers to the challenges they face as their businesses grow.