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Alfonso Ordonez

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EY - Alfonso Ordonez

Alfonso Ordonez
ASG Capital Group Pty Ltd

Alfonso is a Co-founder of ASG Capital Group, an Australian technology investments company. Prior to ASG, he was a shareholder and director of Fyooz Productions in Melbourne. There, he personally negotiated and secured a national license for “Life in Color” with SFX Entertainment (now LiveStyle Inc.), then the world’s largest live events conglomerate.

A native of Colombia, Alfonso operated his first business at the age of twelve. By 15, he had left South America and was living independently overseas, eventually working in five cities around the world. He has applied his entrepreneurial expertise across a number of sectors over the years including engineering, entertainment, property development and national automotive licensing.

Outside work, Alfonso devotes his time to a wide range of philanthropic projects and organizations. He has joined relief missions restoring torn down territories as well as working with mentoring programs in Australia for young refugees struggling to adapt to their new home.

“I want to accelerate my business so it continues to grow and expand into new geographical locations, allowing us to enhance and introduce our shared vision to people across the world by exposing them with a new approach to personal and business connections”.

Alfonso Ordonez, Co-founder, ASG Capital Group Pty Ltd