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Naomi Lindermeyer

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EY - Naomi Lindermeyer

Naomi Lindermeyer
Founder and Director
Kimberlin Education

A highly experienced and successful educator, Naomi Lindermeyer spent ten years in the classroom holding senior leadership positions, before founding Kimberlin Education and catapulting its growth. At the forefront of what is happening in the education sector, her role sees her in constant communication with education departments, schools, teachers and students on the ground, ensuring Kimberlin’s programs exceed their needs.

Founding and growing Kimberlin Education to a team of 15 in five years, Naomi has a strong understanding of what it takes to build and maintain a scalable business set for high growth.

Hugely passionate about the professional development of teachers, Naomi spearheads Kimberlin’s training arm, a growing part of the business that provides support and mentoring to those in the classroom.

Her lifelong love of learning has seen her develop a team of highly accomplished and passionate individuals.

“We want to accelerate our business to make a lasting impact on teachers and students globally. Scaling our technology platforms to connect industry to classrooms, and using powerful learning to inform and inspire our next generation of future thinkers.”

Naomi Lindermeyer, Founder and Director, Kimberlin Education and Danielle Fletcher, Company Director, Kimberlin Education