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“All these stories illustrate how entrepreneurs are at the very heart of our economy.”

Whatever your company’s growth aspirations, whether it’s to grow from local to global, from private to public, from challenger to leader or from millions to billions, there is one question we hear all the time: how do I accelerate growth and make it sustainable?

To help answer this question, we’ve used our experience in dealing with the world’s fastest-growing companies to create the EY 7 Drivers of Growth, a framework that helps companies to align their capabilities with their growth strategy. In this edition of Exceptional, we outline the framework and tell the stories of seven successful companies, each of which has benefited by focusing on one of these Growth Drivers.

They span a wide range of activities, from traditional manufacturing businesses to cutting-edge digital start-ups. Another successful digital business is online luxury fashion marketplace Farfetch – so successful, in fact, that it has become a “unicorn,” one of the elite group of businesses founded since 2003 that are now worth over US$1b. We meet CEO José Neves and find out how his dedication to innovation and risk-taking has helped him to build a successful business.

Also in this issue: brothers Adam and Jerzy Krzanowski tell us how they have grown Nowy Styl Group into one of Europe’s largest manufacturers of office furniture; we explore how education can help to foster the entrepreneurial culture that is vital to create employment for young people; and we find out what Mohammad Abunayyan, Executive Chairman of Saudi company ACWA Power, learned by starting at the bottom of the ladder in his family’s business.

All these stories illustrate, in their various ways, how entrepreneurs are at the very heart of our economy, and I hope they will inspire you to write the next chapter in your own growth success story.