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Tax policy and controversy issues around the world have never been so dynamic, numerous and complex. On this page you can gain access to all of the articles published within EY's Tax Policy & Controversy Quarterly Briefing. Clicking on the column headings will allow you to sort the articles by topic, geography or date. You can also access past issues of this publication:

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Title Topic Geography Date File

An interview with Algirdas Šemeta, European Commissioner responsible for taxation and customs union, audit and anti-fraud

Tax Policy Global August 2011 Download
France and Germany to develop proposals for a Common Corporate Tax Base and rate, European Union-wide Financial Transaction Tax Tax Policy Europe August 2011 Download

Will global transfer pricing ruleschange?

Tax administration Global August 2011 Download
Multilateral Convention on Mutual Administrative Assistance in Tax Mattersopens possibility of adoption by all countries Tax administration Global August 2011 Download

OECD proposes clarifications on themeaning of “beneficial owner” in the OECD Model Tax Convention

Tax administration   August 2011 Download
Managing risk through GlobalEmployment Organizations Human Capital   August 2011 Download
Why indirect taxes pose a growing risk toglobal companies Indirect Taxes   August 2011 Download
China: Breaking the boundary: is China extendingCircular 698 to non-resident individuals? Tax administration China August 2011 Download
Greece: austerity for all, hard times ahead Tax Policy Greece August 2011 Download
India steps up tax enforcement efforts: moretension ahead Tax administration India August 2011 Download
Tax policy in the Netherlands: long-awaitedmoves in the unfolding tax competition journey Tax Policy Netherlands August 2011 Download
Transfer pricing in Russia: reform on the table Tax administration Russia August 2011 Download
UK takes further steps toward competitiveness:Controlled foreign companies, R&D tax credits,patent box all open for consultation Tax Policy UK August 2011 Download
United States: a VAT in store? A primer forexecutives Tax Policy US August 2011 Download
Australian Taxation Office (ATO) project for disclosure of Uncertain Tax Positions (UTPs): rapid developments under way Tax administration Australia April 2011 Download
The growing tax risks of business travel Tax administration Global April 2011 Download
European Commission publishes final Common Consolidated Corporate Tax Base (CCCTB) proposals Tax policy Europe April 2011 Download
Interview with Márcio F. Verdi Executive Secretary of the Inter-American Center of Tax Administrations (CIAT) Tax administration Americas April 2011 Download
European Union publishes Green Paper on the future of VAT Tax policy Europe April 2011 Download
Comprehensive tax reform in Mexico Tax policy Mexico April 2011 Download
Dutch government issues a tax policy paper Tax policy Mexico April 2011 Download
New financial services taxes in Europe Tax policy Europe April 2011 Download
OECD report: Tackling Aggressive Tax Planning through Improved Transparency and Disclosure Tax administration Europe April 2011 Download
Panama's new agenda Tax policy Panama April 2011 Download
United Kingdom: A widening tax policy focus Tax policy United Kingdom April 2011 Download
IRS makes the Compliance Assurance Process (CAP) permanent Tax administration United States April 2011 Download
IRS addresses questions on Schedule UTP in much-anticipated FAQs Tax administration United States April 2011 Download
An interview with Linda Lizotte-MacPherson, Commissioner and Chief Executive Officer of the Canada Revenue Agency Tax administration Canada February 2011 Download
China: a tightening tax net for Foreign Investment Enterprises Tax policy China February 2011 Download
European Commission and the CCCTB: Hard work ahead Tax policy European Union February 2011 Download
European Commission: tax policy outlook for 2011 and beyond Tax policy European Union February 2011 Download
Managing the new immigration risk landscape Tax administration Global February 2011 Download
Japan's tax competitiveness raises up the policy agenda Tax policy Japan February 2011 Download
The new joint audit landscape: A window of opportunity for companies to assess, develop strategy Tax administration Global February 2011 Download
2010 Russia tax survey: a step in the right direction? Tax administration Russia February 2011 Download
United Kingdom: Corporate Tax Roadmap — a clear set of directions to competitiveness? Tax policy United Kingdom February 2011 Download
United States tax legislation and tax reform: what's next? Tax policy United States February 2011 Download
Title Topic Geography Date File
Interview Jeffrey Owens, OECD Centre for Tax Policy & Administration Tax administration Global October 2010 Download
Australia's Henry Review Tax policy Australia October 2010 Download
China's implementation of Circular 698 Tax policy China October 2010 Download
Employment tax audit risk Tax administration Global October 2010 Download
European Commission's future view of financial services taxation Tax policy European Union October 2010 Download
India: Bombay High Court rules Indian tax authorities have jurisdiction to tax Vodafone Tax policy India October 2010 Download
Japan's VAT reform setback Indirect Tax Japan October 2010 Download
OECD issues a framework for a voluntary Code of Conduct for Banks and Revenue Bodies Tax administration Global October 2010 Download
OECD releases new and revised Transfer Pricing Guidelines Tax administration Global October 2010 Download
Research incenticves in the new tax landscape Tax policy Global October 2010 Download
A new chapter in achieving certainty through alternative dispute resolution Tax administration Global October 2010 Download
United States releases final schedule UTP Tax administration United States October 2010 Download
African Tax Administration Forum: new horizons, new opportunities Tax administration Global June 2010 " + Prev_Trans + ""; } if (NextURL!="") { mk_Holder = mk_Holder + "" + Next_Trans + ""; } mk_Holder = "

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