Tax Technology and Transformation

Building Connected Tax, the new paradigm for today’s tax function

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Tax Technology and Transformation

Building Connected Tax, the new paradigm for today’s tax function

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Why digital tax?

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Shawn Smith
EY Global Tax Technology Transformation Services Leader
+1 704 331 1951

Kurt Neidhardt
EY Americas Tax Tech Transformation Service Leader
Tel : +1 212 773 2283

Albert Lee
EY Asia-Pacific Tax Tech Transformation Service Leader
Tel: +852 2629 3318

Rod Roman
EY EMEIA Tax Tech Transformation Service Leader
Tel: +44 20 7951 1549

Connected is the new normal. And that’s never been more important to the tax department than it is today. Digital disruption has brought on global connectedness, linking customers and clients across new technology platforms, shaping new working relationships and business models, and driving the move toward a hyper-connected global economy.

Ready or not, the tax function is rapidly becoming digital as well. It has to in order to keep pace with disruptive technologies, industry convergence and increasing digital and regulatory standards and mandates for reporting and exchanging financial information. There is an upside to this disruption, which we call Connected Tax. It’s the new paradigm for Tax, bolstered by a centralized, well-governed and simplified tax data environment that helps the tax function drive value, manage costs and mitigate risk for the enterprise, whether start-up or Fortune 100.

EY’s Tax Technology and Transformation (TTT) practice is organized to help you navigate the rapid innovation in operations, harness the potential of data as an asset, and address the new and unprecedented challenges, risks and opportunities that come with change of this magnitude. It brings together more than 1,000 tax transformation strategists, innovation and technology professionals to help you draft and execute on a connected tax operational strategy, from incremental improvements to full-scale transformation.

Even in our increasingly automated and digitalized world, it’s the integration of human ingenuity in a unique collaborative team structure with our game-changing technology and TTT framework that will make the difference.

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