Global Tax Alert (News from Americas Tax Center) | 29 December 2017

Argentina enacts comprehensive tax reform

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Argentina enacted comprehensive tax reform (Law No. 27,430 (the Law)), through publication in the Official Gazette on 29 December 2017. The Law is generally effective 1 January 2018.

Specifically, the Law introduces amendments to corporate income tax, personal income tax, value added tax (VAT), tax procedural law, criminal tax law, social security contributions, excise tax, tax on fuels, and tax on the transfer of real estate. It also establishes a special regime comprising an optional revaluation of assets for income tax purposes.

For more information on the main changes to the corporate income tax and cross-border transaction provisions, see EY Global Tax Alert, Argentine comprehensive tax reform bill sent to Congress, dated 14 December 2017. A series of Tax Alerts will examine the main changes for the different taxes and topics.

Companies doing business and different stakeholders investing in Argentina should consider the consequences of the changes and evaluate the effect on their current Argentine operations.

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