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Workforce Flexibility and Government Incentives in times of Covid-19 - Gabon

Short-Term Work State Aid

Covid-19 Questionnaire

Are there any regulations in place providing an employer with possibility for flexible workforce planning such as part-time work/temporary leave which are triggered in a situation similar to a pandemic outbreak as Covid-19?


If YES on question 1, please describe which type of regulation. Please confirm if and to what extent such leave can be supported by state aid and/or other extra-ordinary governmental support.

The Decree No. 0054/MEFPTFPDS setting out the derogatory terms of work in non-essential private sector services during the period of emergency related to Covid-19 dated 30 April 2020 provides certain details in order to maintain the health and safety of your employees in the period of partial containment that we were experiencing.

This Decree applies to all companies not listed by Decree No. 00106/PR/MEFPTFDS of 10 April 2020, designating services and essential persons in the public, parapublic and non-public sector under the state of emergency due to Covid-19.

During the state of emergency, working hours are set from 7.30am to 2.00pm The ministerial decree specifies that even if the legal working time of 40 hours per week is thus not respected, employers are obliged to pay their employees with the same salary.

On the other hand, if the working time is reduced below the above, the remuneration may be paid at prorata.

if YES on question 1, please describe which contacts that may need to be initiated with trade unions and/or works councils. Must a special process be followed?

Partial activity scheme: in principle, the implementation of a partial activity scheme requires a prior information and consultation of the Labor Inspector.

Are there any governmental programs if a company needs to close totally or partially for a certain time period?

Partial activity scheme allows employers, in certain circumstances such as this pandemic, to close down all or part of the business or to reduce the working hours of the employees concerned (see more details below). Companies are asking the Government to make the information and consultation process of Labor inspector more flexible. Companies are also asking for a Financial support from the Government.

If state aid and/or other extra-ordinary governmental support is available, please describe the necessary prerequisites to qualify for such state aid.

Not applicable for the moment.

If state aid and/or other extra-ordinary governmental support is available, please describe the application procedure for such state aid (e.g. how and when is the application filed with the government etcetera; what shall such application include).

Not applicable for the moment.

Please note that the COVID-19 scenario is constantly changing and that this information is current as of 04 June 2020. This publication should not be regarded as offering a complete explanation of the legal matters referred to and is subject to changes in the law and other applicable rules.