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Labor and employment law in business transformations

The issue

Multinational companies must constantly transform their business operations to compete on the world scene and meet their business objectives. Change today is the only constant.

Workforce issues are a significant challenge in these multinational transformations as each country has different labor and employment laws.

Now more than ever, companies need to understand labor and employment laws in order to manage cost and risk, proactively identify potential hurdles, and facilitate efficient, timely and agile application of global or regional projects.

How EY can help

EY law firms working with other EY member firms have the multijurisdictional experience and knowledge to assist where permitted corporate leaders in the feasibility, design, application and coordination of transformation projects that span multiple countries. They can field and lead project teams comprising experienced lawyers and project management staff to help complete these business transformations in a timely and cost efficient manner while also advising upon appropriate compliance with local labor and employment law regulations.

EY has ready access to detailed and continually updated information on a country-by-country basis about labor and employment laws and appropriate HR practices. In addition, our project teams can seek support from the EY network of experienced local employment lawyers to validate information or get more detailed advice where it is needed. All this considerably increases the level of coordination and consistency which, together with much reduced response time, are key differentiators in today’s market place.

The outcome

When restructuring operations or acquiring or selling businesses across borders, assessing feasibility and designing the HR consequences, multinational companies can benefit from the knowledge and experience of EY lawyers across the world.

We can give advice on the initial design of the restructuring or business transformation as well as the entire range of related employment law compliance requirements, which can help you to manage the workforce aspects specific to your business needs and provide better control over the application timeline.

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