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Legal entity rationalization

The issue

Businesses face rising pressure to reduce costs, risk and inefficiency, all while complying with ever-shifting regulations and responding to shareholder activism. In this environment, complex organizations that want to grow in multiple marketplaces are increasingly seeking an efficient legal entity structure. For many companies, the answer is a legal entity rationalization (LER), which simplifies the structure and eliminates unnecessary corporate entities.

How we can help

With its LER projects, EY fields a multidisciplinary team that helps you deploy an efficient process to identify and resolve key considerations. We leverage subject matter resources across business, legal, finance, tax, HR, treasury and IT functions.

EY helps you plan and execute a phased approach, including:

  • Project setup
  • Identification of targets for simplification and elimination
  • Examination of benefits and potential barriers
  • Due diligence reviews for each target
  • Removal of barriers
  • Creation of elimination strategy
  • Elimination of entities
  • Recommendations for sustaining structure
  • End-to-end project management

More than 2,000 lawyers in 80 jurisdictions combine their local knowledge with global reach and the resources to assist you.

The outcome

LER can unlock value through a streamlined legal structure that supports current and future business needs; increases control and transparency; improves tax efficiency and fulfills all legal and regulatory requirements. The potential savings are often more extensive than many companies might imagine, including reductions in statutory audit fees, management reporting expenses, and tax and compliance costs.

LER can also:

  • Lessen the organization’s risk profile and help it deal with new regulatory challenges by lowering the entity count
  • Enable companies to rethink business operations and restructure supply chains, their IP portfolio and more
  • Free up corporate resources for other important projects and targets
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