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The surge of tax controversy – complex rules, regulations, interagency cooperation and communication – is placing a heavy burden on companies around the world.

Our tax controversy services network spans more than 85 countries, with more than 1,000 practitioners worldwide. By leveraging the power of our global network and innovative technology, our professionals help clients address risk, better manage controversy and resolve tax disputes — wherever they do business.

Prevent, manage and resolve tax controversy

No matter where you are in your controversy journey, our tax controversy group has the breadth and depth of experience to help strategize and plan ahead.

Prevent Corporate governance and risk management
Stop controversy before it occurs with top-down governance, systems and processes that enhance monitoring and compliance
Manage Tracking for visibility, oversight and risk assessment
Help mitigate the impact of controversy by gaining a full picture of risks and harnessing the tools to monitor them
Resolve Exam management, appeals, mediation, arbitration and litigation
Allow for quick resolution so the company can move forward

Examples of how we can help:




Limited oversight of tax controversies across the organization

Global tax controversy framework, including a globally integrated organizational structure and related policies for managing tax controversy

Better insight into your company’s tax controversy risk profile

No centralized system for managing ongoing controversy in multiple jurisdictions

Global controversy and reporting framework

Helps track and manage controversy globally. Provides a multi-jurisdictional overview of your company’s tax controversy in a centralized repository

Unclear how proposed tax policy changes could impact organization and industry

Economic modeling and analysis services

Analyzes the effects of tax policy changes on your business. This information may also be used to demonstrate the effects of a change to policymakers

Want to be more proactive than reactive on tax controversy issues

Pre-filing controversy management services

Reduces tax controversy by putting in place the right pre-filing agreements, properly and consistently filing returns and preparing relevant back-up documentation

Want to be better prepared for tax controversy challenges

Broad-based controversy diagnostic workshop

Measures the pre-controversy readiness of your company’s tax risk management systems and processes