Indirect Tax Briefing: global developments

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Welcome to the latest edition of our Indirect Tax Briefing, our first digital version of this publication. We hope you like this format. 

Indirect tax has an ever-widening impact – covering value-added tax (VAT), goods and services tax (GST), consumption taxes, excise duties, customs duties, insurance premium tax (IPT), environmental taxes and other indirect taxes.

Tax responsibilities – whose is it?

Responsibilities for all these taxes may sit in a number of different departments in an organization – from tax to finance, legal and logistics.

As such, it can be a difficult job to manage the many and various indirect taxes within a business as well as coping with large number of changes that occur, many of which happen without much warning.  

VAT, GST and sales taxes

Our snapshot maps of changes in VAT, GST and sales taxes across the world indicate the challenges that global organizations face in keeping up to date as well as incorporating new indirect tax changes into their systems and processes to promote compliance.

Tax risks soar for businesses in digital world

Our range of articles that focus on changes in this environment include:

Indirect tax compliance continues to be a major concern for many businesses across the globe.

Country compliance challenges include

We also continue our series of articles on trading in Africa, focusing on West Africa and the obstacles faced with free trade initiatives.



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