Managing indirect tax controversy

Dealing with audits and disputes

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Welcome to our digital report about value-added tax (VAT), goods and services tax (GST) and customs and excise duties, Managing indirect tax controversy: dealing with audits and disputes.

We are excited to bring you thought leadership in a new, digital format. In addition to accessing a range of interactive content throughout the chapters, you can also download the Executive summaryto read offline or share with others in your organization.

We hope you find our comments, case studies and insights interesting and useful for your business.

Key highlights in this report

As tax undergoes transformation, we address:

  • The nature of modern indirect tax audits and the rise of the electronic audit (e-audit)
  • Common errors and audit triggers as well as practical suggestions for reducing the risk of unexpected assessments, penalties and sanctions by actively preparing for tax and customs inspections
  • Ways in which taxpayers can avoid assessments and sanctions by removing uncertainty, preparing for audits and improving end-to-end compliance
  • How taxpayers can resolve disagreements with tax and customs authorities, both in and out of court

Building a better working world

We help build a better working world by advising our clients on strategically meeting their tax obligations and resolving tax controversy. We also foster an open dialogue with tax administrators, government officials and other stakeholders about tax issues, the impact of policy decisions and the contributions that companies and individuals make to society by paying the correct amount of a variety of taxes. And, if there is no other way, we will appeal and even go to court for you.

To learn more about how you can manage indirect taxes, please contact me or one of the EY Indirect Tax professionals.

Gijsbert Bulk
Global Director of Indirect Tax
+31 88 40 71175

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