Taxation in a digital world: transparent or translucent?

The global digital transformation has complex implications for indirect tax. Our tax professionals help companies face the digital future with confidence.

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EY - Gijsbert Bulk


Welcome to our digital report Managing indirect taxes in the digital age.

We hope you find our comments, case studies and insights interesting and useful for your business.

Highlights of this report

As the digital economy challenges existing indirect tax rules, we consider the pace of legislative changes, with regulations introduced to tax supplies of digital services. We outline changes in VAT/GST laws and how tax administrations are responding to the challenge of big data; changes to the Union Customs Code; an increasing “digital blur” as goods become services; new and evolving business models; and the impact of the sharing economy. We also explore how various definitions of “establishment” for indirect and direct tax purposes could develop in response to the challenges of doing business cross-border in a digital world.

To learn more about how you can manage indirect taxes in the digital age, please contact me or a member of the EY Indirect Tax team.

EY - Gijsbert Bulk
Gijsbert Bulk
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