Indirect tax in 2018

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Our map tells a story of constant change in indirect tax

Every day seems to bring changes in indirect taxation around the world, including new taxes and new reporting and compliance obligations. How do you keep track of the developments that affect your business? How can you see what’s coming down the line? How do you plan for changes? How should you adapt your indirect tax policies, transactions and accounting processes to pay and recover the right amount of tax?

We know that keeping on top of indirect taxes globally is not an easy task. In response, we have created the Worldwide Indirect Tax Developments Map.

Updated monthly, our map displays significant changes happening around the world in value-added tax and goods and service tax (VAT/GST), global trade, insurance premium tax (IPT), environmental and excise taxes. By filtering the information by jurisdiction, tax type, type of change and date, you can focus on the topics and jurisdictions that matter most to your business. Links to our Tax Alerts allow you to read more about the developments and to contact EY tax professionals for more detailed guidance.

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