Transaction analytics

Data clarity in an age of complexity

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Big data = big disruption for business

EY - 2.5 quintillion new data bytes are created each day

We operate in the age of big data, posing significant opportunities and challenges for business. Data that is misunderstood, misanalyzed or simply overlooked, creates unmeasured risk and missed opportunity. Finding greater clarity at optimized speed among increasing complexity is critical for business decision-makers.

Digital disruption is blurring industry lines. The pace of change is rapidly accelerating and customer buying power is increasingly fueled by broader access to products, services and price transparency.

How transaction analytics can help with big data

EY’s transaction analytics can help drive fact-based decision-making and better inform investment strategies that are being impacted by this abundance of disruption and new data. Improving speed of delivery and the depth of insight, EY can confidently address some of the fundamental issues relating to executive’s capital strategy:

  • Buy or build? Which option is best to enable transformation?
  • Is organic growth alone enough to keep pace with change?
  • How can divestments offer the opportunity to reshape and future-proof portfolios?
EY - 81% of senior executives want data to be heart of all decision-making

Ultimately, transaction analytics helps provide better answers to complex capital agenda and strategy questions. Executives want to apply more sophisticated analytics in their buying and selling processes, yet there is a worldwide shortage of skills to provide business and industry-specific analysis to aid executive decision-making. EY offers deep experience and a broad breadth of data analytical skills.

The number one reason for reducing an offer price or walking away from a deal is a lack of confidence in information. Executives need to be able to draw the right insights from new data sets, powered by new technology and more statistical methods to model investments, deal scenarios and ROI.

Fast fact-based decisions to answer important questions

Transaction analytics uses data, technology and advanced quantitative analysis to drive more accurate observations and insights. In other words — the use of knowledge to replace speculation.

Transaction analytics or data analytics can help provide executives with better answers to important questions about an acquisition, a divestiture or alliance:

EY - 12% of organizations describe their analytics maturity as leading
What do customers really think about the business I am acquiring?
How can I swiftly understand the target’s financial position relative to competitors?
How can I gain confidence in projections when data is inaccessible and takes too long to analyze?
How can I maximize the number of potential buyers and purchase price of assets I plan to divest?
How do I best accelerate synergy realization and overall business case for an acquisition?
How can I identify the tax risks and opportunities of a transaction?
How do I know which data to focus on given the sheer volume of information available?
From strategy through execution, transaction analytics brings clarity to complexity at optimized speed to give executives confidence that value will be delivered across the whole capital agenda.

EY transaction analytics and the deal lifecycle

At EY, transaction analytics combines leading technology with human insights to drive the capital agenda. Our analytics tools and assets can transform the deal lifecycle, delivering faster and higher-quality data preparation and analysis using unstructured datasets. This results in predictive and prescriptive models, enabling clients to more quickly unlock opportunities and reduce critical risk.

This means companies can:

  • Better understand their competitive positioning
  • Better understand customer, financial and operational trends
  • Make better informed and more rapid valuation and transaction decisions

What you can expect from EY?

EY - Data intelligence Data intelligence: to provide efficient analysis of data for more accurate understanding of large complex, unstructured data sets.
EY - Data visualization Data visualization: to enhance our insights by identifying data trends and value drivers through data visualization tools and techniques.
EY - Advanced transaction analytics Advanced transaction analytics: to use new and existing data, and advanced quantitative analysis to generate deeper insights and drive better and faster decision-making across the capital agenda.
EY - Social media analytics Social media analytics: to extract insights from billions of data points publicly available online and on social media.
EY - Benchmarking Benchmarking: to leverage market data for comparative analyses of operational and financial metrics across sectors and industries.
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