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A new insightful survey conducted by EY Greece, titled: "Made in Greece: The Greek exports challenge". The survey concludes that Greek enterprises need to reinvent themselves, and a national strategy must be developed, in order for Greece to win the exports challenge.

Only 2,5% out of a total of 700.000 Greek enterprises have recorded significant exporting activity, despite the economic crisis in Greece. This survey thoroughly examines both the internal and external obstacles that undermine Greek enterprises’ export activity. High tax rates, complex bureaucratic procedures and low prices set by the competition, are the most common obstacles facing Greek export enterprises.

EY has identified a number of structural changes needed in order for both Greek enterprises and the Greek State to win the exports challenge. The establishment of an exports culture, the change of organizational structures and the adoption of a new philosophy, are essential prerequisites for Greek export enterprises in order to succeed in foreign markets. The State should focus on creating a unified export apparatus devoid of all bureaucratic complexities, setting a long-term national export strategy, which will be further promoted by a distinct national brand.


EY - Survey: “Made in Greece: The Greek exports challenge”