How the question that you ask can be the drop that starts the ripple

6 minuta/e čitanja 26. sij. 2016.
6 minuta/e čitanja 26. sij. 2016.

Every better question you ask could be the drop that starts a ripple of action, innovation and fresh thinking that can change the world.  

At EY, we’re constantly asking better questions. Every question we ask can build confidence in the capital markets, help our clients grow, accelerate innovation, help governments solve complex challenges and allow communities to thrive. All of these better questions on a huge scale, make a dramatic difference to our people, clients and communities and to the whole ocean of global economics.

And each better question helps us achieve our purpose of building a better working world.

Because the better the question, the better the answer, the better the world works.

A better way

Your first better question needn’t be as big as ‘Where do I start if I want to change the world? as future-facing as ‘When bots do the buying, where’s the value in shopping?’ as immediate as ‘Is technology missing an X chromosome?’ or as specific as ‘If I buy abroad, but 3D print at home, where will I be taxed?

It could simply be “Is there a better way?”.

“Is there a better way?” remains one of the most frequently asked, simplest and yet most provocative questions you can ask in business.

It forces us all to look at things differently. It stimulates fresh thinking. It drives more purposeful action.

And it could be your drop to start a ripple effect that makes a real impact on the working world.


Asking just one better question can start a ripple effect and create a positive impact on the working world.

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